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Tapibel is a passionate carpet producer based in Pelt (Belgium). We produce carpet for the residential market, the contract market and the event sector among others. You have certainly come to the right place for wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles, both tufted and needle felt.

Our products


Tapibel offers a wide range of innovative wall-to-wall or fixed carpet collections.

Carpet tiles

Tapibel also produces carpet tiles. Different collections can be combined easily in one room.

Event carpeting

Event carpeting is made of fibres instead of yarn. It is more robust and ideal for events and the contract market.

Technical carpet

We also produce technical carpets for special (sports) events. We can supply both tufted (for gymnastics mats) and needle felt carpets (for run-up tracks).

Sustainability at Tapibel

Tapibel considers ecology and sustainability to be of paramount importance. By making our carpet production greener, we are demonstrating our commitment to a greener planet. And it is not an empty promise; we demonstrate our commitment through concrete ecological initiatives. From yarn to backing. We bundle all these ecological innovations under the name “Twise”.

About Tapibel

We know the carpet world like the back of our hand and have been true carpet masters for more than fifty years. We have been passing on the knowledge of carpet production from generation to generation since 1970. You can see, hear and feel our tradition: in the authentic factory, in the innovative products, but above all in the people behind Tapibel. What is our common thread? Respect.

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