Needle felt carpet

Needle felt carpet

Tapibel produces an extensive range of needle felt. Needle felt carpet is produced with fibres instead of yarns. Choose from dozens of colours and different textures.

This type of carpet is popular in the event industry, and is also a popular floor covering in commercial spaces. Needle felt is also an outstanding choice for stairs and grandstands.

Needle felt is available in small quantities, when a (red) carpet is needed for example. This means we are very flexible and can deliver what you need based on your specific wishes.

Advantages of needle felt
  • Versatile
    A needle felt carpet doesn’t have to be boring. In the past, you could only choose neutral colours; but nowadays there is a choice of dozens of trendy colours and structures. In addition, you can lay needle felt in just about any location, and it can easily be combined with underfloor heating.
  • Solid
    Needle felt can be used for short-term use (a red carpet for example) but is also durable for long-term use as well. Tapibel’s needle felt collections are extremely robust and sturdy. This makes it suitable for heavy foot traffic. Ideal for both short events and long-term use in the contract market.
  • More economic
    Needle felt is affordable and has an insulating effect. It traps heat and keeps out cold. This means the heating can be turned down a degree, which is good for the wallet.
  • Fire-retardant finish
    Several of our needle felt collections come with a fire-retardant finish. This means safety on top of comfort.

Technical information

Needle felt is produced with fibres instead of yarns. A piercing process is used to mechanically weave the fibres together. Needles that have barbs hook the fibres together and create a non-woven material. Hence the name, “needle felt”.


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