Wall-to-wall carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet

Tapibel produces an extensive range of wall-to-wall carpets. There is a carpet for every room and setting – from a hotel or entrance hall, to a bedroom or event location. Carpet is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors.

Many of our patterned tufted carpets are made on the Cobble Vandewiele Myriad tufting machine. “Myriad” means innumerable or extremely large in number. The Myriad title means the offer of unlimited design flexibility. You can easily design unique patterns with this machine.

Maybe you will choose our solid Cobalt collections, or ecological carpet made from state-of-the-art ECONYL® yarns.

Advantages of wall-to-wall:
  • Excellent acoustics
    Wall-to-wall carpet literally and figuratively fills the room and absorbs sound.
    We have many different collections that can actually reduce noise.
  • Seamless look
    Wall-to-wall offers a seamless look by creating one large whole in the room.
  • Versatile
    This type of carpet is still versatile. Choose from a wide range of patterns and vibrant colours.
  • More economic
    Covering your floor with carpet provides better insulation, which makes it an economical alternative to other floor coverings.


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