Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles

Tapibel produces a wide range of tiles. Tapibel can therefore respond to the trend of modular floor covering. Carpet tiles offer endless creative possibilities. Create your own modular floor design in no time. You can order standard qualities from stock. The standard carpet tile size is 50×50 cm. Other sizes, including 25×100 cm, are also available.

A large part of our carpet tiles are also available in the wall-to-wall range. In addition, we also produce exclusive carpet tile collections for ordering on request.

Advantages of tiles
  • Excellent acoustics
    Carpet tiles literally and figuratively fill the space and absorb sound.
  • Simple installation
    Tiles are easy to install. They can be cut into square or plank shapes. You can also easily transport them in bulk.
  • Less cutting waste
    There is less cutting waste during installation compared to wall-to-wall carpet. An environmentally-friendly advantage.
  • Versatile
    Tiles are extremely versatile. You can combine different collections in one room, which provides a unique touch.

Technical information

Carpet tiles are individual pieces of carpet that are easy to install. The tiles are usually structured with a layer of pile fibres, tufted into a primary backing, reinforced by a secondary backing.

In addition to the standard square format (50×50 cm), Tapibel also supplies tiles in, for example, plank form (25×100 cm).


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