Twise: sustainable initiatives for a greener planet

Our carpets and approach are a great fit for today’s world because we consider ecology and sustainability to be of paramount importance. We are always looking for ways to make our carpets and carpet production more sustainable and ecological. And these are not empty words, we fulfil our promises through concrete initiatives.

Twise is our umbrella sustainability brand underpinned by these ecological initiatives. Twise, because Tapibel supports carpet production wisely for a greener planet. Moreover, this means we can contribute to a circular economy and reduce waste. All our solutions contain regenerated or recycled material.

This means we give used materials a second (and third, fourth, etc.) life.

The result? A more durable and ecological carpet, from the yarn to the backing.

We continue innovating and looking for ways to make our carpet production greener. As a family business we also take the next generations into consideration. Therefore, they can enjoy a greener world and greener carpet as well. Sustainability is very important to the way we operate.

Discover our sustainable initiatives for a greener planet


ECONYL® yarns are made from 100% regenerated Polyamide 6.


Ecofuse is a latex-free ecological alternative to the coating of wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles.


is used as a finish for carpet tiles. The modified bitumen backing is made from 70% recycled material.


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