Technical carpet

Technical carpet

Tapibel also produces technical carpet for many different sports applications. For gymnastics mats, we work with tufted carpet. The equipment and run-up tracks are covered with technical needle felt.

This technical carpet must of course meet many quality requirements. This is to ensure the athletes can achieve their best performance on the equipment and the run-up.

  • UV-resistant
    It is important that the technical carpet can withstand UV rays from the sun. Otherwise it will discolour and wear, which can lead to injuries if it breaks.
  • The right resistance
    The carpet must also have the correct resistance coefficient. The friction must be sufficient enough to ensure the athletes do not slip. And of course, the resistance has a limit as well. Making a run-up in bare feet has to be easy and pleasant barefoot.
  • Wear resistant
    The technical carpet comes under a lot of pressure so it must be extra durable and strong.
  • Solid backing
    The backing of technical carpet must be extra robust and sturdy, yet flexible. We offer a guarantee that it will stay in place during gymnastics exercises. Flexibility is also an absolute requirement for the backing so it won’t break under heavy use.


The fact that technical carpet has specific requirements means we do not work with separate collections. We produce the carpet in consultation with the customer to meet specific needs.

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