Ecofuse – the precoat

A strong adhesive compound is applied to the carpet. This ensures the yarn does not come loose, making sure it all holds together firmly. This compound in our wall-to-wall carpets is latex-free. We replace the latex with Ecofuse, which is a more ecological solution. Ecofuse is recycled PVB extracted from car windows and safety glass from buildings – materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. It contains no toxic substances. This means parts of the carpet are recyclable after use. This is why it fits perfectly into the model of a circular economy.

> By choosing PVB, we reduce our use of latex by no less than 500 tons.

We work with Shark Solutions. They process the PVB into pellets and dispersions and deliver it to our factory. From there, we use it in many of our wall-to-wall carpets and carpet tiles.

You can find Ecofuse in two layers of the carpets:

  • the precoat: the first layer of the adhesive compound to hold everything together
  • the secondary backing: the solid finish on the back of the carpet.
The PVB production process

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