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Here at Tapibel, we firmly believe that we have to make our carpet production greener. Our regenerated ECONYL® yarn collections bring sustainable design into your home. It’s a big plus for you and the planet.




fewer CO₂-emissions



The four elements

ECONYL® Design Collections


Power and passion are the key words of Diamond Art. Diamonds are formed under pressure and are indestructible. Even the most scorching heat will not effect this gem. Bring some energy and intensity to any room with the fiery diamond pattern.

Discover Diamond Art


Reflecting sunbeams break the water surface into hundreds of pieces. Like a broken mirror. Artisan Tweed is a unique design that radiates tranquillity. Inspired by the silence and beauty of a lake.

Discover Artisan Tweed


A light breeze on your skin while you take a stroll in the great outdoors. Fluffy clouds on a sunny day that softly cover the sky. Shoreline is an airy collection that exudes freedom and tranquillity.

Discover Shoreline


The imprint of waves in the sand. Cobblestones glistening in the sun as you walk through the city. That’s Urban Textures. An organic and original criss-cross pattern that radiates strength.

Discover Urban Textures

Colourful renaissance

Funky patterns that catapult you to times gone by. That’s Vintage. Felina brings colourful patchwork prints back to life, while the static criss-cross weave pattern of Ferrera offers peace. And Florence is a nod to the paintings of Italian masters.

Discover Vintage

Nature in the home

A crackling fire, the smell of bark on a long walk. The wood appearance of Oak warms up any interior, while the organic look of Earth creates a unique design concept.

Discover OakDiscover Earth


Dead straight lines like small grooves in wood. These are Groove and Groove Brick. The minimalist industrial stripe design collections are a feast for the eyes. Mix and match with the uni colours of Groove Tones.

Discover Groove Discover Groove BrickDiscover Groove Tones

Stylish texture

Elegance and quality go hand in hand. A collection that gives a little bit extra thanks to the stylish frisé texture. President E cannot compromise on style or performance.

Discover President E

New World

Discover a world in which marine animals are king and where waste doesn’t stand a chance. Our five New Worlds collections fit into that new, sustainable world.

Dive into New Worlds

From fishing net to carpet

An old fishing net turns into a sustainable piece of design. Our partner Aquafil collects fishing nets, old carpets and other nylon waste and cleans them.

The regeneration process is a long one. They transform the waste into new yarns. Yarns that are 100% recyclable. Tapibel gives that yarn a second life in the ECONYL® carpet collections.

ECONYL® emits 90% less CO₂ during production.


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