Enter a world where luxury takes on new meaning. Tapibel introduces: the Tapibel rugs. A brand new product category alongside our carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpet. Our rugs make a statement in any space. They combine refined aesthetics with sustainability thanks to ECONYL® thread.

The collections





Soneva combines softness with a luxury feel. This velvet rug with a soft touch is a true gift to your feet.

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Almyra is the short pile version of Soneva. The collection takes softness and luxury to a higher level. This velvet rug with soft touch feels wonderful under your feet.

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Matera Primo

Matera Primo

Matera Primo

Matera Primo

Matera Primo has a lush texture that will completely absorb your feet. The higher pile and density create a truly luxurious look and feel.

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Medina has a playful rib effect that resembles the look of a hand-tufted rug. With its high pile and density, this is the most luxurious collection in the New Worlds family

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Zalina brings affordable cosiness and a homely atmosphere to any home or public space. Its softness and beautiful shine provide a comfortable look and feel.

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Why opt
for rugs?

A Tapibel rug is not just a luxurious eye-catcher in your interior, it is much more than mere decoration. Discover all the advantages of the rugs.

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Sustainable material

The rugs are made of sustainable materials. Tapibel incorporates 100% regenerated ECONYL® thread, latex-free coating (Ecofuse) and durable non-slip backing made of 100% recycled PES felt.


The Class 33 label makes our rugs durable. Class 33 corresponds to commercial/intensive use. This means that our rugs will last a long time.

Ultimate softness

Despite our rugs being able to withstand heavy use, they feel very soft; like walking on clouds. With a rug by Tapibel, you are assured of a soft rug and optimal foot comfort for a long time to come.

Non-slip backing

Each rug is finished with non-slip backing, to keep it in place as foot traffic passes.


We refuse to compromise on safety. Unlike most, our rugs are tested for fire resistance and carry the TÜV-Sud/TFI certificate. As a result, you will have peace of mind with these rugs decorating your home, hotel or any other project environment.

Sound absorbing

In addition to the highest quality materials and soft foot comfort, our rugs provide a sound-absorbing effect.

Made in Belgium

Our rugs are 'Made in Belgium' which is your quality guarantee. Why? Belgian products are known for their high quality. In addition, products made in Belgium are subject to strict regulations and quality controls. This ensures the safety and reliability of our rugs.


At Tapibel, we produce rugs for every taste and personality. Our rugs are available in 5 collections, 4 shapes, 2 finishes and 3 standard sizes. Would you like to deviate from the standard sizes? No problem, we make tailor-made rugs as well.

your rug

Ready to order your rug(s)? Combine the 5 New Worlds collections to your heart’s content with 4 contemporary shapes, 3 standard sizes and 2 finishes. Create a unique rug, tailored to your liking. A guaranteed statement piece in any setting.

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Choose the New Worlds collection

To start, choose which of the five New Worlds collections you would like to use for your rug: Soneva, Almyra, Matera, Medina or Zalina?


Choose the colour

Based on the chosen collection, select the desired colour of your rug.


Choose the shape

Next, choose from the four possible shapes: rectangular, round, pebble or drip.


Determine the size

Next, determine the size of the rug. Would you like fast delivery? Choose one of our three standard sizes: small, medium or large. Would you like to deviate from the standard sizes? We are happy to discuss your options.


Choose the finish

Next, decide on the finish of your rug. Choose between blind hem finishing and volume finishing.

  1. Blind hem finishing: the rug has a thin cotton edge underneath that is stitched around the rug. This ensures a neat finish.
  2. Volume finished: the rug has no visible edge. The edge is folded inward. This invisible finish creates an extra luxurious look and feel.


Place your order

The final step? Placing your order. We will start the production process of your ideal rugs!

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